Our Company

BlueSun Artworks is a young and ambitious company.
Young enough to realize that businesses also need to watch their budgets.

Compared to the vast majority of webdesigners we distinguish ourselves as being extremely cost effective
Versatile as we are we can offer you more than just a good bargain.

Our knowledge and passion about the visual aspect in our work is manifested in the sites we build. That is the reason why we will never deliver off-the-shelf designs. This is proven by our own no-nonsense and to-the-point website.

We are motivated by the fact that each new site is a challenge to surprise you.

We are on your site!
Team BlueSun Artworks

Our Services

Web Design: Static

A static website is a very straightforward website.

In most cases it is all about informing the visitor in a simple and effective ...

Web Design: Dynamic

A dynamic website differs from a static one in the sense that scripting and/or a database is needed in order to let the website work prop ...

Web Design: CMS

CMS means Content Management System. In short this means that you decide what the contents of the website will be and that you are able t ...

Web Design: Web Shop

This is also another complex type of website which allows you to alter the contents of the website.

The extra thing about this one ...

Web Design: SLA

Notwithstanding the fact that you and us have done our best to get a good website online, after a while you might need some changes/impro ...