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A static website is a very straightforward website.

In most cases it is all about informing the visitor in a simple and effective manner.

A website consisting of maximum 6 or 7 pages and a contact form is all what you need. This type of website is available for a fixed price with a fixed delivery date.

A dynamic website differs from a static one in the sense that scripting and/or a database is needed in order to let the website work properly.

Additional scripts and databases are needed when the following need arise: multilinguality, security, filtering of information/selections, forums, guestbooks, et cetera.

This type of website can also be offered with a fixed price and with a fixed delivery date.

CMS means Content Management System. In short this means that you decide what the contents of the website will be and that you are able to alter the content of the website without involving someone else.

You manage the content of the website. This is a very complex website which we can offer for a low fixed price.

We also guarantee the delivery date.

This is also another complex type of website which allows you to alter the contents of the website.

The extra thing about this one is that it is also possible to sell products and services and to let customers pay online for their purchases. Think about creditcards and Paypal when we're talking about payments.

For Dutch customers we also offer iDeal as a payment method. This type of website is also no exception to our rule: fixed low price with a set delivery date.

Notwithstanding the fact that you and us have done our best to get a good website online, after a while you might need some changes/improvements on your website.

These modifications are not part of the initial purchase and will be done at an hourly rate.

To avoid this we recommend that your buy a SLA (Service Level Agreement) from us. This way we can do any rework or modification on your website without having to send you the bill.